Question for the Portal fandom out of mere curiosity…

When reading the Portal comic, what gender do you imagine Ratman’s companion cube’s voice to be?

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  1. n6jlv answered: Imagined it in the same male voice I imagined ratt mans, simply becuz he is obviously talkin to himself, the companion cube cannot speak
  2. pervyvortianfancier answered: Female »;;;
  3. factsfactsfactsfacts answered: [ooc] Genderless! A cute, young voice that isn’t either gender~
  4. artzkd answered: I imagined it female… The pink might have something to do with that though.
  5. shoshannastiglitz answered: Female. Her speech bubbles are pinkish, so that’s probably why. Chell’s is male, though.
  6. whatwouldthordo answered: It’s male, check out.… - really amazing video!
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