but imagine sleepy sammy in the mornings with ruffled messy hair and lucifer giving him sweet kisses and coffee to wake him up

Yay early morning Samifer cuddles :3 And Sam doesn’t want to get up and just keeps trying to snuggle closer to Lucifer and convince him to come back to bed ^_^

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Say it one more time. Luci dares you.

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imagine sam and lucifer being that annoying couple that wears matching clothes and gets matching tattoos and makes it so obvious that they're together by saying "this is my boyfriend sam" and "my boyfriend lucifer took me to the theater last week" and always holding hands

Oh my god yes they are totally the type to just be attached at the hip. Almost literally, cause they miss being one person. And they like sitting in the same armchair and sleep curled round each other and follow each other everywhere :3

Reblog if you have made a friend online that you would love to hang with, but they live far away.

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Hey, I've been having quite a lot of fun with the little headcannons you're posting mostly because they're the only thing I have time for reading of right now. So I decided to send my own HC as well to join the fun. -- When Lucifer wants Sam to say yes throughout season 5, he sends him tons of letters saying something stupid like 'Marry me or be me' usually accompanied by some bad, childish drawing.

I honestly have no idea when my blog turned into the Samifer headcanon club, but I love it <3

Cheesy romantic Lucifer is so adorable though :D I like to imagine Lucifer’s really silly with some stuff, and it’s hilarious as a contrast to how graceful he usually is. Like one moment he’s prancing around all king-like and then he’s drawing Sam dumb pictures :3


Can you imagine Sam being sad that it's not snowing on Christmas? Decorations are up and everything and he had pictured it so perfect in his head, but it's so disappointing to him and Lucifer can see that something is wrong. So, he focuses all of his attention to the sky and mumbles, "You better snow, dammit. This boy deserves some snow. He deserves everything." But then he hears Sammy shriek and turns to see his own personal snow storm above his head, snow piled up to his knees. (anon from b4)

Hi, anon! *squee*

YES! And then Sam would show Lucifer how to make a snow angel, and they build a snowman together, and Dean’s sulking in the background cause he hates snow cause it messes with his car, so Sam and Luci just pelt him with snowballs :3