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shout out to people with abusive mothers who have to deal with the world acting like every single mother’s love is so expansive and unconditional and tender when that is the opposite of what we experienced

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imagine lucifer teaching sam to dance and sam keeps stepping on lucifer's toes and blushing and getting the steps wrong

Angel of Music Luci is one of the best things, but Angel of Music Luci and musically incompetent Sam together is the absolute best thing ever. :3

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Almost lover by a fine frenzy is the best/worst song for samifer

Some once requested a fic from me with that song and now it sits in my itunes to give me feels.


samifer royalty au, like lucifer is a prince and sam is from a poor family

But that’s basically like canon though, because Lucifer’s this great powerful being, while Sam considers himself insignificant and unworthy, but Lucifer still finds him the most beautiful thing worthy of love :3


everytime dean is in the same room as lucifer, lucifer starts breakdancing

…I literally just cannot form an adequate response to this.


Now you've got me thinking about Pellelecki French-mistake style...



because like what if mark had come on set during season 6 just for a visit or something, and he’d seen “jared” on set and gone over to hug him or something, and sam and dean are like “holy shit lucifer what are you doing here”

and of course the whole cast calls him lucifer unironically anyway so mark answers them normally, says since he’s been signed on for season 7 he figured he’d take one of his free days to come visit and talk to jared a bit beforehand

once dean realizes and accepts it isn’t the real lucifer he calms down, but sam’s still kind of holding back shakes because even though it’s just an actor (with the last name pellegrino, what the fuck is with all these weird last names), he still looks and talks like lucifer—and woah, he actually acts like him way more than misha seems to act like cas

and later when dean’s trying to figure out what to do about their situation, mark insists on visiting jared’s trailer because he wants to have the same kind of long talk they used to have about their characters, and jared really has no choice but to talk with him

it’s nice, actually, being able to talk with essentially a powerless lucifer who still seems to give him all those looks that the real lucifer gave him, especially with the alcohol easing him up during their talk

and it’s hard for sam to talk about himself like he’s talking about a character (and to say “lucifer” instead of “you” or to address mark by anything but “lucifer”), but to mark it just seems like the character bleed has been ruthless, and—

"you keep calling me lucifer. is that a kinky thing?"

and he smirks, leans forward, trails a hand down jared’s chest, only slightly inebriated, and mutters “because you can call me lucifer in bed all you like.”

the way he says it makes it seem like they’ve done that before, and at this point sam wouldn’t be surprised because just speaking aesthetically, lucifer (well, mark) is very attractive—so, missing the real lucifer like fuck and knowing that he won’t have to worry about dean, he pulls mark into the bed and tells him “call me sam" and lets mark fuck him until he forgets that this isn’t, in fact, lucifer

afterwards mark finds it odd that jared’s treating him like he’s something precious, like he’s very genuinely in love with him and like he doesn’t have a wife, but he just figures that jared’s a sappy cuddler (or damn, maybe it’s still the character bleed—he gets quite a lot of lucifer’s affection for sam in him, too)

eventually they both need to leave (but mark’s staying in town for the next couple days, he tells him), and when sam goes back to work with dean, his older brother notices him walking a little funny but doesn’t say anything

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