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Sometimes I just get really emotional about the writers of Supernatural. Because they have this eerie consistency sometimes. And it is perf. 

Sam is obviously a Harry Potter fanboy. He always brings it up, he knows the characters. And what is Harry Potter about? A boy with a dead mother who gains tremendous magical power, but has something so evil and dark inside of him that he must fight with the help of his two best friends (one who kind of a jerk, but loyal to the core, and one who is smart and occasionally arrogant). That’s the story Sam seeks out. 

And Dean always gets to make the Lord of the Rings references. He drops it into conversations, he understands the plot. And what is Lord of the Rings about? Two people fighting forces so much greater and more powerful than them, traveling together across vast distances with only their incredible bond and need to save each other keeping them from giving up and dying on their quest. That’s the story Dean needs to hear. 

Sorry, I can’t hear you over how beautiful that is. 

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Samifer Skype session- update 2


Thank you again to all the lovely people who said they’re up for this. I’ve been trying to narrow down a date from what days people have said they can’t do.

So far, someone has said mondays may be difficult for them, and another person said saturdays may be an issue. Saturday is also not ideal for me cause I’ll be working. I know a lot of us with part-time jobs, especially if they’re alongside education may work on weekends, so seeing as summer holidays are beginning in many places (they are everywhere, not just here, right?) a weekday seems better. Many people seem to be available next week, so I was thinking then?

Next issues: time zones. I’ve been staring at which has an awesome international meeting planning features where you can see the time in various different places and it even highlights where it’s sensible hours for each place.

These are the best options I can see. Obviously, we can go one or two hours out either way, but there are the times that basically avoid anyone having to get up at like 4am or something ridiculous. Daylight savings are taken into account here. So basically, first column is the rough suggestion for option one, second column option two:

EST: 12pm, 7pm.

PST: 9am, 4pm.

CST: 11am, 6pm.

GMT: 5pm, 12am.

PHT: 12am, 7am.

CET: 6pm, 1am.

Time zones have to be taken into account for days, cause some of us might already be into tomorrow, so if we say tuesday or whenever, that might mean different things for different people.

So basically, just to narrow it down for now, is anyone NOT available at least at some point next week on Tuesday (29th), Wednesday (30th), or Thursday (31st)???

Also please can you say whether you would rather options 1 or 2 for time?

Thank you and once again you’re all awesome :3


Edit: or the sunday or monday (27th and 28th)? We can always have more than one chat of course :3

twicefallenfromgrace answered your post: Samifer Skype session- update 2

I won’t be available during these days next week, but that’s fine! I would also suggest just making a group in Skype for anybody to talk.

When’s the nearest date you are available? I only put those as a suggestion. Many people seem to be available a lot, so it would be silly to let people miss out when others could easily rearrange. Plus we could of course have more than one chat :)

I’ll look into the group thing. I really need to figure out how to work Skype better XD So thanks for the suggestion :3

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